A twenty minutes drive from Yubari Interchange Eastern Highway. Convenient and easily accessible roads to Yubari.

JR Hokkaido

New Chitose Airport ←→ Yubari

New Chitose Airport (Rapid Airport) ~ Minami Chitose (JR Ishikatsu Line) ~ (Oiwake) ~ Shin Yubari (take the bus to Hotel Mount Racey)

By Vehicle

Recommended Route from Sapporo

●From Sapporo, take the National Highway Line/Road 12 until Line/Road 274,
from Kita Hiroshima take Line/Road 3 in Naganuma・Yuni all the way to Yubari

Recommended Route from New Chitose Airport

●From New Chitose Airport, take Route 337 to Naganuma to Route 870, Route 274, via Yuni to Yuway 3

  • ●Sapporo (from Odori park)………… about 60km
  • ●From Tomakomai……………………… 74km
  • ●From New Chitose Airport………………… 55km
  • ●From Ashahikawa………………………… 135km
  • ●From Iwamizawa……………………… 38km
  • ●From Obihiro………………………… 155km


Yutetsu Bus Express Line

●In front of Shin Sapporo Station・Otanichi Bus Terminal → Yubari

Bus Stop Arrival time
In front of Shin Sapporo Station 9:00 9:20 13:00 16:25 18:30
Otanichi Bus Terminal 9:10 9:30 13:10 16:35 18:40
Departure/Arrival from Yubari Hotel Terminal 10:23/10:55 10:43/10:55 14:23/15:12 17:48/18:04 19:53/20:29
Hotel Mount Racey 11:00 11:00 15:17 18:09 20:34
Hotel Shuparo 11:03 11:03 15:20 18:12 20:37

●Yubari → In front of Shin Sapporo Station・Otanichi Bus Terminal

Bus Stop Arrival time
Hotel Shuparo 7:17 8:39 12:39 14:17 16:26
Hotel Mount Racey 7:20 8:42 12:42 14:20 16:29
Departure/Arrival from Yubari Hotel Terminal 7:31/7:35 8:50/9:10 12:50/12:55 14:28/14:35 16:37/16:40
Otanichi Bus Terminal 8:48 10:23 14:08 15:48 17:53
In front of Shin Sapporo Station 8:58 10:33 14:18 15:58 18:03

※Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, the 2nd and 4th Saturdays are closed and highlighted in red.
Blue times operate only on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
※Please check the Yutetsu Bus official page for the detailed timetable.

Click here for the Yutetsu Bus page

Hokkaido Chuo Bus for Yubari

●Sapporo Station → Mount Racey

Bus Stop Arrival time
Bus Terminal in front of Sapporo Station 9:15 12:30 16:35
Hotel Mount Racey 10:54 14:09 18:14

●Hotel Mount Racey → Sapporo Station

Bus Stop Arrival time
Hotel Mount Racey 8:53 12:43 15:43
Bus Terminal in front of Sapporo Station 10:32 14:22 17:22

※This is a local bus that takes the expressway route. Reservations are not required.
※Please check the Hokkaido Chuo Bus official page for details.

Click here for the Hokkaido Chuo Bus page

Hotel Guest Exclusive Complimentary Bus for New Chitose

※The shuttle bus service (between New Chitose Airport and the Hotel) must be booked with three days in advance. Please note that reservation is made separately from the hotel accommodation.

●New Chitose Airport → Hotel Mount Racey

Bus Stop Bus No.2 Bus No.4 Bus No.6 Bus No.8
New Chitose Airport (Domestic) bus parking lot 10:00 12:00 15:00 19:00
Hotel Mount Racey 11:10 13:10 16:10 20:10
Hotel Shuparo 11:15 13:15 16:15 20:15

●Hotel Mount Racey → New Chitose Airport

Bus Stop Bus No.1 Bus No.3 Bus No.5 Bus No.7
Hotel Shuparo 8:00 10:00 13:00 17:00
Hotel Mount Racey 8:10 10:10 13:10 17:10
New Chitose Airport (Domestic) bus parking lot 9:20 11:20 14:20 18:20

【Operating Period】December 7, 2019 (Sat) ~ April 5, 2020 (Sun)
【Operating Time】4 round-trips or 8 one-way trips per day (the number of trips per day may vary depending on the ski area status)
【Operating Time】Yubari Resort complimentary shuttle bus
(Either a wagon or bus will be used for transportation depending on the number of guests)
【Bus Terminal】South Domestic Bus Parking Lot (exit from domestic bus stop no. 1, the parking lot can be found adjacent to the police station)
【Reservation】Reservation is required. Please inform us 3 days in advance with details of the flight, arrival date, number of people,
number of luggage and contact number.
※Services may be stopped if there are no reservations.
【Boarding】From New Chitose Airport, please arrive at the bus terminal located at the domestic terminal at least 15 minutes before the departure time.
From the Hotel, please gather at the lobby 10 minutes before the departure time.

Reservation/Contact us

Reservation is required Yubari Resort Co., Ltd.
Reservation Center 
Business 9:00~18:00

Neighborhood Service Facilities

●Yubari Yatai Mura (Food Village)

〒068-0411 Yubari Suehiro 1-8

●Yubari Shrine

〒068-0406 Yubari Sumizome 6  TEL:0123-52-2339

●Yubari City Coal Museum ※Currently closed

〒068-0401 Yubari Takamatsu 7  TEL:0123-52-5500

●The Yellow Handkerchief (1977 Movie) Museum ※Currently closed

〒068-0422 Yubari Hiyoshi 5-1  TEL:0123-57-76520

●Yubari Rokumeikan  ※Currently closed

〒068-0413 Yubari Shikanotani 2-4

●Takinoue Park

〒068-0756 Hokkaido,Yubari,Takinoue,5