Training camp in Yubari, Hokkaido!
Former South Yubari High School renovated to be a unique accommodation facility.

Himawari is a lodging facility that can hold sports competitions and recreations such as futsal, badminton, mini volleyball, basketball, mini-basketball, dodgeball, indoor tennis, table tennis, kendo, karate, tug of war, long jump rope, mat exercises, and jumping box. In addition, Yubari Civic Center is located nearby and supports wide ranges of facilities and with baseball field and several tennis courts. A wide range of sports training camps such as baseball, soccer, tennis, rugby, track and field, choral and cultural drama camps are available.

Facility Information

  • Gym

    A heated gymnasium. Ideal for camps.

  • Carpeted Training Room

    It can be used for meetings and cultural gatherings.

  • Tiled Training Room

    Can also be used for meetings.

  • Guest Room (for 8 people)

    Room for 8 guests, amenities such as towels and bath towels are not provided.

  • Guest Room (for 16 people)

    Room for 16 guests, amenities such as towels and bath towels are not provided.

  • Barrier-Free Room

    Located in the 1st floor. Guests who are on their wheelchairs can use the room without any worries.

  • Public bath

    Has several number of showers and faucets that can accommodate sports teams.

  • Coin Laundry

    Can host long-period training camps

  • Cafeteria

    The cafeteria can accommodate a large group of guests

  • Exhibition Corner

    Displays the history and different materials used in the former South Yubari High School.

  • Front Desk

    Please check-in at the reception upon arrival

  • Lobby

    Meet and/or have a chat in the lobby

Number of Rooms   Room for 8 People (42 Rooms) / Room for 16 People (8 Rooms) Total of 50 Rooms (Maximum Capacity of 464 People)
Guest Room   Television, Wi-Fi, Slippers ※Amenities are not provided. Please bring your own.
WiFi   Free wifi for every room

※If you would like to stay a little longer on your scheduled day of check-out, please advise us ahead of time.


Facilities   Training room, large dining room (has a maximum capacity of 300 people), large communal bath 1F (separate for men and women), toilet (separate for men and women, one on each floor), coin laundry, shop, air conditioning
Rental (Charged)   Yukata, bath towel, face towel
Amenities for Sale   Toothbrush, Razor
1 night-stay with 2 meals   Adult (Junior High School level and above) 6,500 yen (tax included) Children (from 4 years-old to Elementary School level) 5,800 yen(tax included)
1 night-stay with breakfast   Adult (Junior High School level and above) 4,900 yen (tax included) Children (from 4 years-old to Elementary School level) 4,200 yen(tax included)
Check-in / Check-out   【Check-In】14:00~/【Check-Out】~10:00 Please let us know in advance if you will need to check-in or check-out in a different time.
Guest Room   [Japanese-style room with carpeted Floors] Capacity: 8 to 16 people Air conditioning / TV / Slippers

Separate Bathroom and Toilet ※ Large Bath <1F>, 1 Toilet on each floor Western-style shower toilet, Japanese-style also available No amenities ※Rental and sale of amenities will be at the front desk.
How to use the bedding   Self-service bedding is available. [Bedding Set] 1 of each: mattress, comforter, blanket, pillowcase
Room Key   The rooms do not have an automatic locking system. Please lock your doors and leave the key in the front desk when going out.
Valuables   There will be no safe boxes available inside the rooms. * Please note that the management will not be responsible for any loss or theft inside the facility.
Curfew   The main entrance will be locked at midnight (24:00). Please advice the front desk ahead of time if you would be returning past midnight.
Meal Time   Breakfast: 7:30 – 8:30 / Dinner: 17:30 – 18:30 The self-service cafeteria is located in the 1st floor.
Bath Time   16:00 – 22:00 Shampoo, conditioner and body soap are provided. Towel rental is available in the front desk.
Coin Laundry   8:00 – 22:00 Number of coin laundry machines available: 2F: 5 / 3F & 4F: 2 each Washing Machine: ¥200 (1 time), Dryer: ¥100 (30 min)
Copy / Fax   8:00 – 22:00, 1F Front Desk Copy: ¥20/per page Fax: ¥50/per page
Amenities for Sale   Razor: ¥30 / Toothbrush: ¥50 / Laundry Powder: ¥30 Bath Towel Rental: ¥310 / Yukata: ¥310
Vending Machine   Situated at 1F (ice cream & juices only. No cigarette nor alcoholic beverages available)
Telephone   No public telephone available. Extension telephone available in all guest rooms.
Refrigerator   There are no refrigerators available inside the rooms. Please feel free to use the public refrigerator located in the 1F.
Broadcast Facility   Located at the front office
Garbage Segregation   Rinse cans, bottles and plastic bottles with water, remove labels, and put them in segregated trash bins located in the hallway. Throw away any other garbage in the trash can. Please purchase 40 yen / 45ℓ per piece at the front desk.
CONTACT US   Himawari TEL : 0123-52-3824


Sports Equipment Various balls: mini volleyball, basketball, table tennis, volleyball. Available Nets: badminton, volleyball, table tennis. Long jump rope, tug of war, badminton.
文科系 Piano (1 Upright Piano & 2 Grand Pianos)
Others Chairs, tables, DVD player, VCR, Projector PA, Screen, Podium

Other Facilities nearby Himawari Hotel

  • Yubari Peace Park (10-minute drive)

    Yubari Peace Park is a nature park equipped with its own baseball field, a soccer field, and a multipurpose open grounds. Company trips, universities, high schools, etc. usually use the site for camping.

  • Yubari Cultural Sports Center
    (5-minute drive)

    Yubari Cultural Sports Center is located beside the exit of the tunnel coming from Sapporo (Route 33). Organizations such as business professionals, universities, high schools, etc. hold training camps in the facility (basketball, tennis, badminton and table tennis.)

  • Yubari Tennis Court (5-minute drive)

    The tennis court is located adjacent to the Yubari Cultural Sports Center and is loved by the players for its green coated courts.

  • Yubari City’s Shikanotani Municipal Field (3-minute drive)

    Center: 110m, both wings: 88m,natural grass on the outfield, and a stand.

  • Midorigaoka Baseball Field (3-minute drive)

    Used by the former Yubari Midorigaoka Business High School. It is located nearby Shikanotani Municipal Field